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The Sprott Family Legacy

The Sprott family name has been synonymous with precious metals expertise and trust. As a renowned investor, Eric Sprott's invaluable insights continue to guide Sprott Money, and his influence shines through in the leadership of Larisa Sprott.
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Our mission is to provide guidance, education, and superior client service to help you make smart investments in precious metals.

– Larisa Sprott, President

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Your bullion is insured, securely stored and segregated from metals belonging to other clients. You’ll even get free shipping on select storage options.
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Make your own investment decisions while maintaining all the tax benefits associated with self-directed IRA accounts.
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We buy investment-grade precious metals and buy back precious metals that were purchased from us.



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Sprott Money Updates & Market Insights

Delve into insights about today’s market and the latest news about Sprott Money. You’ll hear it right from our expert team of Sprott Money writers, and contributors from Sprott Global, Sprott Asset Management, and Sprott Inc.


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Expert Interviews by Craig Hemke

Stay up to date and in the know as Craig Hemke interviews Eric Sprott and other industry experts on the latest trends, strategies and market insights.